Guild Leader: Arianamue
Guild Officer: Naxos

Guild Meeting Today
The weekly guild meeting will be held once again today in our guild hall in Rath Castle (Tara) in CH1.
Since there wasn't any other topic brought up by our members, (my) topic list will be as follows:

* Guild meeting schedule
Do we need a weekly guild meeting at all?
We have this site and a (currently not much used) forum, so why use Mabi time, when we could communicate more efficiently and conveniently?

* What's your definition of a guild?
Why are you member of a guild at all and what do you expect that guild to be like? (This might take too long to discuss so the question will be asked but answers are expected within the guild forum.)

* guild events
Are you interested in guild events or do you rather mind your own business? Maybe guild events even don't entertain you at all but you feel like you have to attend to them.

Finally I will introduce a new procedure of finding a consent: Guild meeting topics will be posted on the guild forum and you will be able to discuss for a set amount of days. After that a poll may be started but at the next meeting you may vote differently again. The results of the poll and of the meeting will be summarized and thus provide a final result. I will explain that at the forum.

Remember: If you want to have something a topic for guild meetings, make a suggestion on the forum, so nobody has to decide anything in a rush.
21 May 2011 - 13:40 by arian Meetings | comments (0)


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