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Offers and Requests posted here are valid until you cancel them by posting they have been ended/fulfilled or until you ask for the entry to be removed.


Postby Arianamue » Wed Dec 26, 2012 3:09 pm

This is the guild's marketplace, where you may offer or ask for anything. May it be special service, Items, materials supply or reinforcement for certain tasks. I know, there are some non members reading here so it may be best to make requests in the public area.
I suggest you make use of the Topic Icons. Use the question mark for Requests and the Triangle Exclamation mark for offers.

Please keep in mind that if you no longer offer what you offered here or you no longer need what you requested here, nobody will know unless you say so or ask us to remove your post. Simply add a reply telling the post is no longer valid.
Rather than editing your post, re-post it as an updated version, if you want to change your conditions.

Also remember, that this is not only for business. You can also ask for free help of any kind here or offer the same to anyone who needs it.
This place is basically to bring those together who may complement each other, but don't know yet. With our ever growing guild I feel this is needed, because it can be hard to find the one who has what you need or needs what you have.

One last thing:
Maybe you don't like the theme of this subforum. That's a matter of taste. You can change the look and feel to your preferences in the UCP (User Control Panel).
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